Hi! Welcome to the site of Desiree Taylor, researcher and history storyteller!

Stories from history illuminate our lives today!

The Power of Telling and Sharing Stories:

The problems we face today live in stories of the past. Telling and sharing those stories illuminates some of the ways those problems have been tackled before.

And, like excavating buried treasure, uncovering and piecing together the complicated stories of the past is fun. History is full of great, magical, adventurous stories. Sometimes we even find that truth is stranger than fiction.

Through telling our stories and connecting to those of others, we can understand ourselves as individuals and collectively as communities. We gain new insights and deeper understanding into how we might live better lives through listening, learning, and sharing. All through the magic of story.

What I do:

Using an American studies lens, I frame history through story. I ask questions along the way about how the United States came to be the place it is. In each particular presentation I bring information about how “We The People” came to create and contribute to this place.

I approach each story by looking at it from many different perspectives and viewpoints. I tell true stories integrating pictures, artifacts, and digital media into my presentations. Sometimes I even come as a person from the time I am talking about or as a costumed travel guide from the time period!

What we do:

We discuss! Audiences become active participants in unpacking these stories and relating them to individual experiences in order to understand the wider experiences of our country.